Fancy Wedding Edibles – Cakes, Favours And Decorations For Weddings

When you plan your wedding, an undeniable thing to get excited about is the fact that there will be lots of yummy food you and your guests will get to eat. People labour over their wedding menu to create a celebratory menu that suits the occasion and often the heritage of the couple.

But beyond the wedding dinner, there are a number of other edible things you can add to your wedding. Luckily, there are many purveyors of fine edibles for weddings. Do not forget to talk to your wedding photographer about capturing the culinary essence of the day. Beyond photos of the happy couple feeding one another wedding cake, having detail photos of food and edible favours served at your wedding reception will help you look back fondly on the thought and preparation you put into your wedding day.

Wedding Cakes

There are about a zillion different types of wedding cakes to choose from. They can be matched to your wedding colours and to various themes. Some couples go with dummy cakes for decoration only and others have edible cakes created. You will have memorable and frame-worthy wedding photos taken beside your cake so do not be afraid to go for something fancy. You may choose the traditional fruit cake or go for the various “mud options” through to carrot cakes, croquenbush and gluten free options. You might even opt to have a cake designed for your special day by sharing photos and ideas with a cake decorator.

Edible Wedding Favours

A lot of people opt for edible wedding favours. These can act as decorations as well as be taken home by guests. Whether you opt for a candy bomboniere, boxed truffles or other chocolates to give away, candied almonds wrapped in organza, or another edible wedding favour, there are great choices that will add to the decor and personalisation of the big day.

Some Ideas for Edible Treats & Decor

• Candy buffets can help you create a feast for the eyes in your reception hall. Guests can be given boxes or sachets to take home.

• A chocolate fountain with fruit platters makes a delicious looking feature at your reception. Some wedding caterers will even create fruit bouquets for an even prettier display.

• Personalised lollipops placed on tables or as part of centrepieces can be a lovely display.

• Hand chosen teacups and saucers for the ladies is a unique idea and something that can be kept forever.

• Mini bottles of your favourite champagne for the ladies and a spirit for the men.

• You can purchase personalised wedding mint tins to adorn table place settings as well.

• Depending on what food you are serving, you can also purchase personalised sauce bottles for condiments.

• Flower arrangements and small flower vases may be gifted to guests.

There are a lot of options for edible wedding favours that double as decor for the big day. Take a look around the local area and you’ll find some great options that will look great in your wedding photos as well as make your event more personalised and memorable for guests.

Find New Tips For Home Decoration

This is really exciting to see that the Christmas & New Year is almost here and everybody is rushing to decoration stores for new clothing, bed linen, Christmas tree, decorative items like ornaments for home and all, but there are many more ways to find how to decorate your home this Christmas and New Year.

Starting from bedroom, this is always good to get the new bed sheets for your bed. It would be a good idea to use a wide range of bed linens and pillows featuring all kinds of cartoon characters and alphabets, interesting flowers and animals and all should be in primary colors. It is also a good idea to make use of kid-size club chairs and sofas.

No party is ever complete without the right kind of decoration. After these decorations make a party much livelier and also gives it a good look. Birthday, wedding or New Year, whatever be the occasion it has its own style of decoration. Make sure your party area is not very wide as it may distract the people. It must be moderate so people enjoy together.

For the birthday party of a kid you would require colorful and bright decoration while for the birthday party of an adult you would require more sober birthday decorations.

Christmas decoration idea or a New Year decoration should be such that it captivates the cheerful minds of the people and also instills in them a lot of hope. You can have an indoor party or an outdoor one. But in both the cases the decoration style would be different. Christmas decoration is never complete without the mirror and chili paper ornaments and the gumdrop tree.

A marriage ceremony without the right kind of wedding decoration can spoil everything. It is of utmost importance to plan out the wedding decoration themes and styles in well ahead of time. So without wasting any further time come and extend your personality and taste with a new home decoration.