Home Decorating For Newly Weds

What Yours is Mine and What’s Mine is Ours: Putting Your Stuff Together

It’s the same old love story-boy meets girl, they fall in love, they date, they get married…and then, they move into the same house…together…with all of their belongings. And that’s when the problems arise. We all know the general tale of the bachelorette, with the beautiful, organized home, gorgeous oriental area rugs and the Ming vase that was passed down from her great great great grandmother. And we all know the general tale of the bachelor-the old couches left in the apartment by the last tenants and the chair passed down from his great great great grandfather that smells like cigar smoke and is falling apart, not to mention the ratty old futon he slept on and refuses to part with and the Persian area rug he found in the dumpster behind the department store that only has one significant tear and one little meaningless stain that may or may not have been throw up.

So what do you do when you bring all of these belongings together into one house and neither of you is willing to part with your dearly beloved furniture?

You compromise. The most visible areas of the home should have the newest, most attractive pieces like the oriental area rugs and the rooms should be built around them, whether the oriental area rugs are red area rugs, blue area rugs or an outlandish color. The older items, whether they belong to bachelor or bachelorette, should be placed in rooms further back in the home that aren’t always readily available to guests and that will be used for parties, game nights and other activities that may result in spills, etc. Old area rugs should be used in basements and other unfinished areas to keep floors warm and protect your feet from any unknown elements such as nails, screws and wood slivers that may find their way into the area and be undetectable on hard, dark, cement floors.

Remember though that it’s important to make compromises that the pair of you can both live with. Neither of you should have to give up your favorite belongings and you shouldn’t have to give up each other to keep your furniture and your favorite area rugs and other furniture either.

It’s important that every room in the home have something that exhibits a little bit of each of you and a little bit of your team. If your living room features your favorite area rug, then that same room should also feature your spouse’s favorite side table.

Decorating your rooms together and choosing your newest pieces as a team will help create a bond and a sense of trust and respect between you that doesn’t just create itself. Give each room in your home the personal touch it deserves and let your relationship grow and evolve in your home naturally as you learn to love each other’s sense of style and un-sense of style too.

Fran just adores home decorating and loves to share her experiences and ideas with everyone. But she also kno