Must Have Ideas for Decorating for Wedding Your Guests

Although the favors and the speeches are ways to thank your guests for coming, you can do more. Many couples have found ways to appreciate their guests in a more personal way, and maybe so can you.

A picture is worth…

An interesting way to decorate the guests’ tables is to place a piece of clear plastic on top of the table cloth, but before doing that, you’re going to spend a little time with your photo album. You can find photos of particular guests and place them on the table. Not only does this show some of their memories, but it also shows that you were thinking of them personally as you decorated the table. The plastic will protect the pictures from being harmed. Of course, you can also make digital copies of the pictures and use those as decorations too. If the guest wants to bring them home, then you can help them do so.

Next slide

Another way that couples are decorating their reception with love and memories is to play a video or a slide show of themselves with their relatives and loved ones. When set to music, this can be a stirring reminder of those that have been lost and those that may have been forgotten.

You can show this on a wall that everyone can see as they’re waiting for dinner, or even as dinner is served. And it doesn’t have to be perfect or even have an explanation as to who is who. It can just show the pictures of the new couple as they grew up, as they first met, and when they were engaged. Personalize your wedding and your guests will fall under the spell.

Take it with you

Another fun way to decorate with your guests in mind is to let people take home the decorations when they leave. This can be the candles, the flowers, wine glasses, anything that you want to give as a gift. Leave a gift bag on the back of their chair along with instructions as to what to do. This is fun for everyone and if they don’t want to bring anything home, they don’t have to. It also saves a little cleaning up!

The wedding day is your day, but the reception is really for the people that have come to celebrate you, so why not celebrate them a little too?

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Home Decorating Ideas That Make Ordinary Spaces Look Anything But!

Do you need a few home decorating ideas that will transform the look of your home without transferring money right out of your bank account? You can add rich style and a beautiful look to your decor, so that your home looks anything but boring and ordinary. This article will give you a few excellent ideas!

You may not realize it, but accents and accessories are the “jewelry” of a room. They add color, texture and design. Think how your rooms would look if there were no wall hangings, table accents or other display items. Boring! You can dress up any room spending only pennies on the dollar, and it is so simple anyone can do it.

Here are a few home decorating ideas you will love:

For the bedroom, use mementos to decorate. Framed love letters, your children’s baby pictures, or even your wedding veil draped over a bedpost make the room look unique. You can make table covers for your nightstand out of extra fabric that complements your bedding, and stitch them up in a jiffy. Add a little ribbon or lace around the bottom to add to a romantic look.

The bathroom is a fun place to decorate. This is your sanctuary – the only place you may get 10 minutes of peace and quiet throughout the day! Make it tranquil so that the few minutes you get each day are totally relaxing. Add candles, greenery and delicate glass containers to hold cotton balls and other accessories. Consider a wall tapestry embellished with a soothing design in relaxing colors. Bathe in the candlelight! Your stress will melt away.

When it comes to home decorating ideas for the living room, less is more. This room is used the most, and too many accents make it look cluttered. Pick a few of your favorites, and make sure that everything complements each other in design and color. Groupings should always be hung in odd numbered displays of 3, 5, etc. Varying the shapes, heights and textures you use in the living room adds depth and interest.

There are literally hundreds of things you can do to spruce up your home and make it your own without blowing the budget. Put some of these home decorating ideas to work – and you’re sure to come up with some unique ideas of your own!