Wedding Themes and Favor Ideas – Simple Ways to Decorate Your Wedding

Attention to details is the key to making your theme wedding unique and memorable. Below are some simple decorating ideas for popular wedding themes to help make your day truly magical.

Beach Theme

A romantic stroll down a white sandy beach with the cool breeze brushing against your face and the orange glow of the sunset behind your back is what we envision for those that are having a beach themed wedding. It is not complete without the necessities that make it a beach wedding. Start off with a “message in a bottle” invitation to casually invite your guest to a beautiful outdoors event. The highlight of the wedding are the guests arriving to see aisles of chairs decorated with garlands of fresh flowers in season and the waves crashing in front of them.Definitely a lei is a must for the couple to be as they stand and exchange their vows. Guests can enjoy the outdoors sea mist as they sit lightly fanning themselves with a sandalwood fan. To end a beautiful occasion, guests can go home with a memory of all this, with wedding favors such as tin pails filled with seashell potpourri or an elegant silver sea shell favor. It is a day that the bride and groom eagerly await for and happily will remember and cherish.

Garden Theme

A traditional quaint garden wedding brings tradition to modern times. If you are having a garden themed wedding, it doesn’t necessary mean it needs to be outdoors. A modern edition of a traditional garden wedding can be substituted with great accessories. Create a floral ambiance with fresh flowers in bloom all around the ceremony or reception location. Having plenty of flowers is a must to recreate a garden theme wedding if you want to play to your guests’ senses. Add some twinkling lights across the ceiling for a romantic ambience. Small furry critters are a great accessory to table settings such as butterflies, lady bugs, or bees. Line the walk ways with candles such as luminary tea light bags or have real trees or plants and hang some candles on the branches with hanging votive holders. Guests will happily end the occasion by bringing home some great wedding favors such as a mini pear candle that reads “The Perfect Pair” or a mini handbag filled with pear scented potpourri.

Wine Theme Weddings

Great food, friends, and wine are the ingredients to a great wine theme wedding. If having your wedding at the wine country is not within your budget, a recreation of the exquisite ambiance can be done wherever you may be having your wedding. Grapes and more grapes are always a must to create a wine theme atmosphere. Have accessories on the table such as grape vineyard place card holders to seat your guest accordingly for that added special touch. Play off the theme with vibrant colors of deep maroon and gold or light ivory and gold depending on which wines you love, the reds or the whites. Make sure to fully stock your bar with plenty of wines from various parts of the country. Have guests nibble on appetizers to compliment the various wines. Lastly, have special toasting glasses or wine stoppers engraved with your guest’s name so they can always remember your special day.